Installation works at Wardley Biogas

Our installation works at Wardley customer site will be finalize this week. We are proud to be a part of such an amazing project where once again we have accomplished our mission of creating an odour free environment for the employees and the surrounding communities near the biogas site.

New Project Engineer at Centriair

Tobias has studied product development with specialization in mechanical engineering at Blekinge Technical College (BTH). He has a wide work experience that includes a variety of practical jobs such as technician, but also as an entrepreneur and engineer.


His role at Centriair is as a project engineer and his job is to strengthen our projects department in various strategic ways.

New Order Received

Centriair has received an order to treat odour from the waste and water company in Norrköping, 8th largest town in Sweden. The project includes odour treatment from a sludge storage tank and the main intake pumping station.


The long term reason is that new housing will be built in the attractive land next to the WWTP right by the river in Norrköping. For more information please contact us at



We are happy and proud to have been selected as odour treatment suppliers to the new Biogas plant project by Bioconstruct from Melle, Germany. The site is Wardley, a considerably larger plant than the previous project together treating in total a 64 000 m3/h air flow. Our team of highly skilled engineers have already started the design and production of 3 ColdOx TM systems as well as a smaller DEO TM catalytic solution for extreme H2S concentrations.

Marodour TM as a successful innovation from Centriair AB


On March 17th Centriair has installed yet another Marodour unit at a local pumping station in Portugal. The unit is running at 300 m3/h with an estimated odour reduction rate of 95%. It is is important to mention that this is the 4th Marodour installation within the last quarter where in all cases customers have responded positively on the performance of the unit.


Marodour is the latest addition of odour treatment products from Centriair AB.
Thanks to its relatively small size, it is easy to install in waste rooms, pumphouses
and other facilities with limited space. The equipment treats odour with a
combination of Cold OxTM and Active Carbon. The technological innovations
from Centriair allows the carbon filters to be recharged through the ColdOx
treatment increasing performance and the lifetime of carbon compared to other products in the market. Read more about MarodourTM here.


New Design Engineer at Centriair AB



Scandinavian Centriair AB is pleased to welcome our new team member to join our large family.


Erik Törnqvist is a dedicated design engineer with vast experience from different engineering applications. His experience covers design and development of optical based non contact measurement equipment, yacht design and aeronautical design. Also he has had positions as project engineer with experience from installations in steel mills, board mills and sawmills. All of these experiences will be helpful in his new position as a senior design engineer at Scandinavian Centriair.


Erik is also a keen trimaran sailor as well as mountainbiker, constantly looking for new challenges!

First DEO-100TM installation in Poland

On the 30th of January, Centriair has installed it first catalyst unit in Poland. The customer is a large and private waste water treating facility that waste water from local businesses. The unit is connected to the boiling system with 12 ppm H2S and 45 ppm of NH3 concentrations. The estimated reduction rate is >95%.

This is a successful step for our company and we believe there are more orders to follow in the nearest future. Stay tuned for more news from Centriair AB.

Centriair Selected to Build the Air Pollution and Odor Control System at the Rialto Bioenergy Facility in California


Lake Mathews, CA, USA – January 4, 2019 – The South Coast Air Quality Management District has awarded Centriair and Anaergia a $4.35M grant to eliminate air emissions from the Rialto Bioenergy facility’s biosolids dewatering, drying, and handling operations.



The Rialto Bioenergy facility takes wastewater biosolids to produce biogas that is then added to the natural gas pipeline system. The biosolids are heat dried to kill any remaining pathogens, ultimately creating a safe fertilizer product. Drying biosolids generates not only odors but also excessive amounts of air emissions that are harmful to the environment. Dr. Anders Wistrom, CEO of Centriair (USA) was quoted “we are thrilled to make this partnership with Anaergia and the Air Quality Management District. We can showcase the versatility of Centriair’s near zero emissions technologies to a wider audience as new waste-toenergy facilities are being planned and constructed in California and elsewhere in the United States.”


This project addresses both air quality and climate goals. Replacing the high temperature thermal oxidization unit with ColdOxTM not only eliminates the cost for the fuel required for heating but also eliminates emissions of carbon dioxide, organic pollutants, and nitrogen and sulfur oxides. Eliminating nitrogen and sulfur oxide emissions reduce the potential for the formation of small particles that can be inhaled and penetrate deeply into sensitive parts of the lungs and cause serious health problems.


To read in Portuguese please click here.

Expansion in the Polish Market

In December 2018, Centriair has landed yet another project within Waste-Water Treatment Industry. The customer is a local treatment plant serving the entire region and the surrounding areas with more than 2 mln inhabitants.

A combination of Scrubber and the ColdOxTM systems where designed to control NH3 emissions as well as other VOCs within 50 000 m3/h airflow.


We are aware that there many other companies that struggle to meet odour limits and therefor it is our mission to help them sort out their emission regulations. For more information contact

Huge Success at Expoconferencia da Agua

Scandinavian Centriair AB together with its Portuguese representatives Vitor Nunes and Joao Lopes has exhibited its newest products and solutions at one of the largest conferences in Portugal. Within 2 days we all got a chance to share ideas and present our products with high success. We would like to show our appreciation by thanking every participant for rich discussions and opportunities within the industry.