CentrOxTM (Centrifuge + ColdOxTM) – the new success formula in the UK frying industry

Recently Centriair has received an order for an additional centrifuge to be delivered and installed at the existing meat frying customer. It was a pleasure to hear that the customer has been growing at high tempo ever since the complaints from neighbours and fines from the state regarding bad odours has stopped coming in. With a new frying line in action, a need for an Olga centrifuge (4 000 m3/h) was a perfect addition to the current system.

“Throughout our sales projects we notice that a lot of customers are spending too much time dealing with the state and the community over the odour levels being emitted from the production site. This negatively affects the growth rate and increases operational costs for the plant. If we help our customers focus more on their primary targets by eliminating their major odour issues, we can firmly say that we have fulfilled our mission as a company”Ben Donaldson, Country Director UK



Come and join us on 11-12 July at the NEC, Birmingham.  We look forward to seeing you at our stand G705!

We want to take this chance and remind you about our company. Centriair develops and offers technology leading solutions for abatement of industrial airborne emissions.


At the fair we will be showing the Deo-100 aimed at treating airstreams with high concentrations of H2S, ammonia and other odourus compounds. We are proud to announce that DEO-100™ has been nominated for the “Best  Methane or Ammonia Emissions Management Project” within  AD & Biogas Industry Awards  2018


DEO-100™ is tried and tested on a wide range of applications including various industrial processes and waste applications such as biogas production, substrate and sludge holding tanks, hygienization, sewage pipelines, pumping stations and sewage treatment plants. The unit, applying a catalytic oxidation technology, achieves a conversion rate of more than 98% of most VOCs, including those that are difficult to eliminate with conventional technologies such as Ionization, Ozonolysis, UV radiation, Scrubbers and Active Carbon.


Growing Along With the Customers

In 2013 Centriair has installed an odour treatment system in one of the German french-fries producers. At that time the system included a Centrifuge, particle separation technology, and a ColdOxTM system, what we refer to as CentrOxTM. As years passed our customer’s operation grew, due to well planned marketing strategies and rising demand towards potatoes. This led to an increase in the production by adding new frying lines which started generating even more odour and oil mist. Working together with the customer we have expanded our existing system on site to process 12 500 m3/h additional airflow. At Centriair we value long term relationships with customers. “Instead of viewing customers as accounts we rather focus on becoming their long-term partners. If we ever happen to be nearby the factory, we always pay short notice visits to do a complementary check up on the system and to simply ask how everything is going. It is the long-term relationships that defines the success of a fast growing company like ours” – says the CEO of Centriair Jack Delin.


Visit Centriair AB at the IFAT in Munich A4 406

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At the fair we present our complete range of technologically advanced deodorization systems as well as the presentation of the newly developed DEOTM,  and MarodourTM units


Centriair develops and offers technology leading solutions for abatement of industrial airborne emissions. We provide solutions with proven environmental and economic benefits. Our systems typically have higher performance and lower energy consumption than prevailing solutions. We help the industry solve a broad range of emission problems while increasing the productivity and reducing operations and maintenance costs.


These benefits are achieved through higher performance, lower energy consumption and by recovering energy from the process. We work across a broad range of industry sectors, however most of our customers are in the food processing and waste processing industries.


We hope to see you at our stand during IFAT 2018 in Munich.

A Proven Solution Within Potato Frying

Centriair is proud to announce a new large scale project within the German Market. The client is one of the largest potato fryers in the country who was facing odour problems coming emitted from the site. Three ColdOxTM systems were proposed as a solution to purify 57 000 m3/h air flow in total from 3 different production areas. Due to high temperatures at the exhaust, Centriair has provided its newest reactor solution with high temperature endurance UV lamps that can withstand up to 75 C. Yet again, this project underlines once more the importance of continuous improvement and individual approach to customer cases to reach the higher demands imposed by authorities today.

Centriair sets new targets at the 1st Sales Conference in Sweden

On 5th and 6th of February Scandinavian Centriair AB has organized a conference dedicated to analysis and decision making within each market in Europe. Distributors from UK, Germany, Poland and Spain have participated at the event. Major topics such as newly developed products, sales forecasting and market growth potentials have been presented and discussed.


“I believe these types of conferences are very important for any growing organization as they underline the significance of cooperation within the whole team. Together with the distributors we have accomplished good results and involved them even further in the development and growth processes of the company.” – says the Marketing Director of Centriair, Per Kaijser.


The conferences also included a site visit to our installation at Estrella, which is a leading snack manufacturer in Sweden. The sales team from all Europe got a chance to see the system in action and shared some insights about their local markets as well as most optimal sales strategies to implement.

Newly Appointed Team Member

Martin Skoglund holds a M.Sc. degree in Mechanical Engineering from Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg.


He started his career as a manufacturing engineer and most recently he has worked at Swedish Match in various positions. He has great experience in machine and product development as well as in successful project management.


Martin will be taking on the responsibilities of a Project Manager at Scandinavian Centriair.

Gold Medal for Marodour

On Octorber 17th Centriair AB has been exhibiting at one of the largest Polish fairs dedicated to sustainable technologies. Pol-Eco fair had more than 50 exhibitors demonstrating their leading technologies to the local market.

Marodour being a part of Centriair product group was not only exhibited for the first time since its invention, but was also awarded a gold medal for the most eco – centric innovation in odour treatment industry.

It is important to mention that Marodour is the newly developed equipment for Centriair AB. Due to its small dimensions it is very effective in treating odour in waste rooms, restaurants and other indoor areas of estates.

Mistra Seminar Invitation


Customer View on Centriair

The history of Estrella goes back to 1957 when Folke Andersson has first tried potato chips in New York. Inspired with the idea he started Estrella, which is potato chip manufacturer in Sweden. Since that day, Estrella has become one of the tastiest Swedish brands with a huge variety of product line.

In 2015 Estrella has welcomed Centriair into their plant to request odour treatment solutions and particle separations. The key challenge here was to manage heat recovery while treating odour simultaneously.

At the interview with the technical manager of Estrella, Johan Morgan said: “Centriair has brought the most cost effective solution to the plant in terms of particle separation. The heat exchanger is working fine and the odour treatment system demonstrates high performance. I would recommend other food manufacturers who are seeking cost effective solutions  to particle separation for grease and fat to consider Centriair centrifuges.”