Regenerative two-step H2S and Methane catalysis

DualCat™ is a two-step regenerative catalyst system for removal of reduced Sulphur compounds (e.g. H2S and Mercaptanes), Aromatics (e.g. derivates of Benzene and Toluene) and Methane. These compounds are typically generated in anaerobic conditions such as in anaerobic digestion, biogas upgrading, sludge holding tanks and sewage pumping stations.


DualCat™ is typically more energy efficient  than other methods such as regenerative thermal oxidation (RTO) as oxidation occurs at lower temperature. In addition, by reversing the flow through the unit, the thermal energy stored in the catalysts can be regenerated to pre-heat the process gas, further lowering energy consumption. Already at Methane concentrations of around 1 g/m³, the DualCat™ process is autothermal, eliminating any need for external heating.

Centriair can offer DualCat™ for any flow-rate based on customer requirements, however our standard units are designed for 500 to 3000 m³/h. The units are very compact, approximately 25% of the footprint of an equivalent RTO, and can easily be integrated for example in container-based biogas upgrading facilities.