Efficient H2S removal

Reduced Sulphur compounds (e.g. Mercaptanes and H2S) have an aggressive smell and reduction must reach high levels for significant odour reduction to occur. When concentration is high (>5 ppm), we recommend to pretreat the process gas before treatment in the ColdOx™ unit.

A Catalytic Iron Filter (CIF) can used as a roughing filter to remove H2S. The CIF unit consists of a media bed of hydrated rusty iron pall rings. The H2S reacts with the rust to form water and iron sulphide which in turn is oxidized to elementary sulphur and iron oxide. The sulphur is flushed out of the unit whereby the filter is regenerated.


SulphaRed™ is an adsorption agent based on iron hydroxide. H2S is removed through the same reactions as in the CIF unit, however the SulphaRed™ media bed has a much larger surface area, enhancing the adsorption capacity.


Depending on the composition of the gas stream and the performance requirements, the CIF and SulphaRed™ units can be installed separately or in sequence, where in such case the CIF unit is used to reduce the load on the SulphaRed™ media.