Active Carbon Filtration

Active carbon filtration is a highly efficient method to polish the process gas from remaining organic compounds.  It has excellent perfomance under moderate load conditions but can be associated with high operational cost and maintenance if pretreatment is inadequate. Excessive load leads to rapid build-up of pressure drop, problems with “channels” in the carbon bed and need for frequent replacement of media.

The key challenge is to reduce the load, thereby prolonging the life of the carbon bed. A system combining ColdOx™ and active carbon maximizes VOC removal prior to the active carbon bed and residual ozone is catalysed to oxygen radicals, reacting with organic compounds adsorbed by the carbon, regenerating the carbon and greatly prolonging carbon life.

We deliver active carbon filters of different sizes and executions. Our units are designed to minimize pressure drop and space requirements. Over the life cycle, a lower pressure drop gives substantial savings as less energy is used by the process fan.

Whether an active carbon filter is a suitable solution depends on your process and performance requirements.


Active carbon filter installed after the ColdOx™ module (rear). This particular installation has a flow-rate of 20 000 m³/h.