Case studies

Customer testimonial:

“I would like to compliment your Organisation for the successful completion of the odour abatement trials carried out in Jersey.”

“I have no hesitation in recommending your Company to others where odour control equipment is required”.

– J D Richardson, Manager, Jersey Public Services Department

Over the last fifteen years, the Nuisance Odour Solution Evaluator has developed an impressive track record at solving odour problems across a wide range of industry sectors including:

  • Pharmaceuticals manufacture
  • Animal feedstuffs manufacture
  • Tyre manufacture
  • Food processing
  • Electronics assembly
  • Chemicals waste recycling
  • Carbon fibre production
  • Waste waster treatment

Here are just a few examples of some successful pilot trials using the N.O.S.E. All of these projects led to end user customers placing orders for full-scale odour control plant.

Jersey Public Services Department, C.I.


Client’s process: Wastewater treatment
Client’s problem: Wastewater odour, Hydrogen sulphide emissions
Engineered solution: First stage – gas absorption tower with water spray; Second stage – packed tower scrubber with Hydrogen Peroxide & UV

Marlow Foods Limited, England


Client’s process: Food manufacture
Client’s problem: Food flavourings odour (mostly terpene based compounds)
Engineered solution: Fluid heat exchanger; Packed tower scrubber with alkaline Sodium Hypochlorite; Performance measured: 86-99% removal of terpene-based odorous compounds

Robert Kilgour Limited, Scotland


Client’s process: Peat smoking of germinated barley
Client’s problem: Peat smoke & odour
Engineered solution: Particulate pre-filter; Packed tower scrubber with alkaline Sodium Hypochlorite (pictured here)

J Bibby Agriculture Limited, England


Client’s process: Animal feedstuffs manufacture
Client’s problem: Complex odour emission (amines, sulphides, aldehydes, organic acids)
Engineered solution: First stage: Cyclone – removal of particulates; Second stage – Packed tower chemical scrubber with acid; Third stage – Packed tower scrubber with alkaline Sodium Hypochlorite