CentrOxTM (Centrifuge + ColdOxTM) – the new success formula in the UK frying industry

Recently Centriair has received an order for an additional centrifuge to be delivered and installed at the existing meat frying customer. It was a pleasure to hear that the customer has been growing at high tempo ever since the complaints from neighbours and fines from the state regarding bad odours has stopped coming in. With a new frying line in action, a need for an Olga centrifuge (4 000 m3/h) was a perfect addition to the current system.

“Throughout our sales projects we notice that a lot of customers are spending too much time dealing with the state and the community over the odour levels being emitted from the production site. This negatively affects the growth rate and increases operational costs for the plant. If we help our customers focus more on their primary targets by eliminating their major odour issues, we can firmly say that we have fulfilled our mission as a company”Ben Donaldson, Country Director UK