Energy efficient removal of VOC and odour

ColdOx™ is an industrial solution for VOC and odour emission reduction. Applications are within

  • food
  • waste water
  • solid waste handling
  • biogas
  • slaughterhouses
  • and other industrial process generating airborne emissions of VOCs and odour

ColdOx™ oxidizes VOCs and eliminates odour through the use of high intensity UV, excess ozone, and photo chemical oxidation supported by special purpose catalysts. It typically achieves odour reduction of more than 90% at ambient temperatures with minimum energy requirement and ozone slip.

Centriair delivers the ColdOx™ reactor with a “plug and play” control system with pre-fabricated cables. This minimizes site wiring and dual safety features to ensure a completely safe operation. As an option, the ColdOx™ reactor is equipped with our automatic cleaning system, CIP™.

The ColdOx™ reactor is delivered as a stand alone or with active carbon and is adapted for outdoor as well as indoor installation.

In our CentrOx™ series,  we combine an advanced centrifugal particle separator with the ColdOx™ reactor in the case where solid or liquid particles are present in the gas stream.

In our SulphaRed™ series, we use stages for H2S removal in combination with the ColdOx™ reactor if incoming levels are high.

Download brochure: ColdOx™ – energy efficient removal och VOC and odour