Customer View on Centriair

The history of Estrella goes back to 1957 when Folke Andersson has first tried potato chips in New York. Inspired with the idea he started Estrella, which is potato chip manufacturer in Sweden. Since that day, Estrella has become one of the tastiest Swedish brands with a huge variety of product line.

In 2015 Estrella has welcomed Centriair into their plant to request odour treatment solutions and particle separations. The key challenge here was to manage heat recovery while treating odour simultaneously.

At the interview with the technical manager of Estrella, Johan Morgan said: “Centriair has brought the most cost effective solution to the plant in terms of particle separation. The heat exchanger is working fine and the odour treatment system demonstrates high performance. I would recommend other food manufacturers who are seeking cost effective solutions  to particle separation for grease and fat to consider Centriair centrifuges.”