Growing Along With the Customers

In 2013 Centriair has installed an odour treatment system in one of the German french-fries producers. At that time the system included a Centrifuge, particle separation technology, and a ColdOxTM system, what we refer to as CentrOxTM. As years passed our customer’s operation grew, due to well planned marketing strategies and rising demand towards potatoes. This led to an increase in the production by adding new frying lines which started generating even more odour and oil mist. Working together with the customer we have expanded our existing system on site to process 12 500 m3/h additional airflow. At Centriair we value long term relationships with customers. “Instead of viewing customers as accounts we rather focus on becoming their long-term partners. If we ever happen to be nearby the factory, we always pay short notice visits to do a complementary check up on the system and to simply ask how everything is going. It is the long-term relationships that defines the success of a fast growing company like ours” – says the CEO of Centriair Jack Delin.