Centriair was founded in 2007 by Jack Delin and Per Kaijser. From the start, the aim has been to develop a cutting egde position a technology leading position in emission control from industrial processes


particle, VOC and odour removal from industrial processes.

Previous market contacts as well as technical work on air treatment and odor problems within the food frying industry had given important insights. The aim was and continues to be technology leading

  • Several research projects in academic cooperation with KTH and financed through Eurostars and Mistra Innovation
  • Professor Engvall, Assistant Professor Lanza and PhD Montecchio, world leading experts in gas phase reaction at the Royal Technical University of Stockholm.
  • Focus on harmful or odorous compounds. Goal to further improve reduction of compounds through oxidation techniques in lab and field.
  • PhD on cold oxidation financed by governmental funds. Experiments on ozonolysis with photocatalysts to enhance degradation of VOC´s.

The aim of the company is to develop and deliver solutions that increase the competitiveness of our customers while reducing the environmental impact. We strive to replace incumbent solutions that often use fossil fuel and / or excessive amounts of energy, such as incineration.

Early on, cooperation was established with John Mills (previously Techniair Ltd), who had a significant experience from odor abatement within commercial kitchen applications, having delivered more than 150 UV odor removal installations, mainly in the UK. Together we developed a test skid with system components, and tests were run on a number of industrial frying sites in Europe. Further research and development was done together with the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm. This was the start of the Centriair air treatment system, that brings both high efficiency in particle and odor removal, and very attractive running costs.

After a few years of work with specialized oxidative processes and having gained a through deep understanding of the formation and removal of odors, it was a natural step for us to also develop odor removal solutions for the Waste and Biogas industry.