Come and join us on 11-12 July at the NEC, Birmingham.  We look forward to seeing you at our stand G705!

We want to take this chance and remind you about our company. Centriair develops and offers technology leading solutions for abatement of industrial airborne emissions.


At the fair we will be showing the Deo-100 aimed at treating airstreams with high concentrations of H2S, ammonia and other odourus compounds. We are proud to announce that DEO-100™ has been nominated for the “Best  Methane or Ammonia Emissions Management Project” within  AD & Biogas Industry Awards  2018


DEO-100™ is tried and tested on a wide range of applications including various industrial processes and waste applications such as biogas production, substrate and sludge holding tanks, hygienization, sewage pipelines, pumping stations and sewage treatment plants. The unit, applying a catalytic oxidation technology, achieves a conversion rate of more than 98% of most VOCs, including those that are difficult to eliminate with conventional technologies such as Ionization, Ozonolysis, UV radiation, Scrubbers and Active Carbon.