Marodour TM as a successful innovation from Centriair AB


On March 17th Centriair has installed yet another Marodour unit at a local pumping station in Portugal. The unit is running at 300 m3/h with an estimated odour reduction rate of 95%. It is is important to mention that this is the 4th Marodour installation within the last quarter where in all cases customers have responded positively on the performance of the unit.


Marodour is the latest addition of odour treatment products from Centriair AB.
Thanks to its relatively small size, it is easy to install in waste rooms, pumphouses
and other facilities with limited space. The equipment treats odour with a
combination of Cold OxTM and Active Carbon. The technological innovations
from Centriair allows the carbon filters to be recharged through the ColdOx
treatment increasing performance and the lifetime of carbon compared to other products in the market. Read more about MarodourTM here.