Meat Frying

Industrial meat frying is a process that creates significant air treatment challenges as the process typically emits fine liquid and solid particles as well as gaseous components and odors.

Often the particles from meat frying carry quite a high proportion of the odors. Effective particle separation is therefore necessary. Furthermore, the off gas often contains gaseous components that give odors at low concentrations. Finally, as the source of the gas unlike other fried products, contains a lot of protein, it has a high tendency for clogging everything in its way, affecting both maintenance and risks for fire.


The unique capabilities of an air centrifuge combined with a UV stage solves air treatment problems in the most difficult meat frying processes, while alleviating the operating and maintenance challenges from traditional air treatment solutions such as filters, scrubbers and incinerators, as well as the fire risks with incinerators and filters.

Given the small particles in the off gas it is important to size the centrifuge correctly and furthermore due to the very sticky off gases, the CIP (cleaning in place) needs to be well dimensioned. Also, the sizing of the oxidation system following the centrifuge is important as the gaseous components normally are very smelly. Typically the centrifuge is put close to the fryer, whereas the oxidation system could be placed where the stacks are joined together. That way the stack would stay clean as the centrifuge is installed close to the fryer, while the odor and VOC treatment is handled in a centralized unit. Heat exchanging the gas could be used after the centrifuges to transfer the energy in the stacks to heat users like preheating the oil, tap water and wintertime heating of buildings.


  • Low maintenance and maximum process uptime
  • Low odor values
  • Clean piping and roof top as well as minimized fire hazard
  • Low energy consumption
  • A compact installation
  • A possibility to recover heat to heat users in the plant


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