Potato Frying

There are many potato frying applications, the most common are potato crisps, french fries and potato chips. The Centriair system treats your fryer stack gases in potato frying and removes oil, odor and gaseous components to give a clean gas that will meet the strictest regulations on particles, VOC´s and odors. Pipework and rooftops are kept clean which reduces maintenance and fire risks to a minimum, and heat can more easily be recovered.

Frying of potato crisps and french fries differ somewhat as french fries typically are fried in palm oil, which freezes at ambient temperature. This makes heat tracing of drains for separated oil necessary. The size of the installation are typically bigger in frying of potato crisps compared to french fries, as a lot more water is evaporated from the potato in potato crisp frying.

Furthermore, in many potato frying installations we recover heat from the stack. In particular when frying potato crisps, a lot of heat can be recovered, and this heat can typically be reused for blanching of the potato and heating of the building/tap water. In french fries applications the heat can preferably be recovered in the drier of the fries to reduce the energy input to the fryer.


The gases are first typically cleaned from oil particles in an air centrifuge. This can be done close to the fryer due to the compactness of the centrifuge. The air centrifuge operates continuously and removes the oil from the gas in fractions of a second, after which it is drained by gravity out of the centrifuge and returned to the fryer or as waste oil depending on the oil quality. In the next step, the energy is recovered from the gas. This is done in a specially developed heat exchanger that condenses the water vapors in the gas to water, while the heat is transferred to heat users in the factory. Water from the potato can then be recovered. Finally, the gas is treated in a cold oxidation step with UV radiation and ozone which oxidizes the remaining gaseous components in the exhaust and removes the remaining odors.


  • Low values of particles; 100% particle removal down to 1 micron size
  • Low values of gaseous components and odors
  • Low maintenance and maximum process uptime
  • Cleaner piping and reduced fire hazard
  • Low energy consumption
  • A compact installation

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