Preventive Maintenance

Preventive Maintenance – the key to prolong the lifetime of your investment.

Centriair’s preventive Maintenance Program is a yearly program that services our customers’ odour equipment.

The base package includes two equipment check-ups per year to diagnose any unforeseen problems that may be arising. It is designed to detect and prevent potential problems before they occur to keep your downtime to a minimum. Our service technicians will visit your site and conduct a thorough inspection of the designated equipment. If any issues are detected, they will schedule a repair or make the repair on the spot.

Why Sign Up for Preventive Maintenance?

  • With regular visits and the proper adjustments, your odour equipment will remain reliable and at the peak of productivity.
  • Diagnosing and replacing worn parts and media will prevent malfunctions and reduce your downtime.
  • The program is proven to lower overall maintenance costs and prolong the lifetime of your odour system.

Our experience shows that customers who schedule preventive maintenance have fewer emergency repairs, lower overall service costs, and increased production time.

Preventive Maintenance Pricing

We can design a custom-priced package.

Just contact our service department at +46 763 26 70 54

Included in the price of all packages:

  • Two visits per year, complete check-up
  • Technical support by phone or email
  • Detailed report of each visit
  • Any small repairs that can be made within the allocated time
  • (In 2022 we will install online monitoring and thru that allow for 24/7-surveillance.)

Excluded from the price of Base package:

  • Spare parts
  • Consumables
  • Expenses
  • Travel time

Included in the price of Premium package:

  • Spare parts
  • Consumables
  • Expenses
  • Travel time
  • Excl. media

Additional benefits:

By having a close cooperation with our service team, you’re never further away from support than a phone call or an email. By joining our online monitoring system, you will also be able to enjoy data of your equipment’s performance over time. You will receive help to reduce cost and support on potential upgrades of the equipment over time. By preventive maintenance you’re staying a head of the game, and in control of your investment.