Snack Frying

Snack fryers range from tortilla fryers to fryers of extruded products and nuts. Snack fryers are typically have lower gas flow rates than potato frying applications. Thus our small to midsize units are often enough to reach required results.

In snack frying, the oil in the process gas creates oil buildup problems in the stack as well as on rooftops. Oil buildups in stacks are also an important fire hazard, as the gas typically contains more oxygen than water vapor in snack frying, which means a fire can easily propagate in the stack. On the other hand, the oil is fairly easily separated in the centrifuge and that will eliminate the buildup, maintenance and fire risks.


A typical installation involves at least one centrifuge to remove the oil in the gas, and it would also often involve an installation of an oxidation step to reduce VOC´s and odors from the stack. If there are multiple stacks, individual centrifuges per stack can be combined with a centralized handling of the off gases for the cold oxidation. In this way the stack will stay clean as the centrifuge is installed close to the fryer, while the odor and VOC treatment is handled in a centralized unit. Heat exchanging of the gas could be used after the centrifuges to transfer the energy in the stacks to heat users like preheating of oil, cooking operations, tap water and winter winter time heating of buildings.


  • Low maintenance and maximum process uptime
  • Low odor values
  • Clean piping  roof top and minimized fire hazard
  • Low energy consumption
  • A compact installation

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