Pilot plant technologies

The odour abatement technologies housed on the trailer include:

  • A venturi gas scrubber
  • A packed tower chemical scrubber
  • A UV oxidation system
  • A Gas phase Ozone treatment system
  • A carbon adsorption module


The pilot plant also incorporates several useful tools to optimise odour treatments:

  • Chemical dosing
  • Variable air flow control
  • Variable scrubbing liquor flow control
  • PH monitoring
  • Redox monitoring
  • Air flow measurement
  • Gas sampling – via inlet & outlet ports


The pilot plant is built on a 3.6m. x 2m. trailer platform so that it can be transported easily on the road. For local journeys between sites, the pilot plant can be moved fully rigged, as shown here. For long haul journeys, the two scrubbing towers can be dismantled and stored inside the trailer.

Outline technical data

3 phase 415V 50Hz, duty = 120 m³/hr @ 9000 Pa.

Venturi Scrubber
70% efficient @ 1µm particle size, ΔP = 7500 Pa.

Venturi Recirculating Pump
126 litres/min., 3-phase 415V 50Hz

Packed Tower
90% efficient, based on 0.07 ppm inlet of propyl mercaptan ΔP = 50 Pa.

Packed Tower Recirculation Pump
33 litres/min., 3-phase 415V 50Hz

Ultraviolet Light
5000 W, 3-phase 415V 50Hz

Ozone generator
1g/hr Ozone generator injecting gas into a 12-second dwell chamber