The N.O.S.E. rig

Odor problem? No worries!
Centriair has the solution. Using our unique pilot plant – the N.O.S.E. rig – we can show you how different air treatment technologies eliminates odors while your process is fully up and running. Demonstration is the key. Our ultimate goal is to earn your confidence in us by proving that we can design and build odor abatement schemes that will work.



  • OPTIMISE odor control treatments in real time at the pilot scale
  • DEMONSTATE, both scientifically and subjectively, the best results that can be achieved
  • MANAGE (reduce) risk on behalf of the factory owner / manager
  • WIN customer confidence with proven abatement scheme designs before they are built

To find out more about the pilot plant, please click here.

To find out more about our track record at solving industrial odour problems, please click here.